A stroke can be a debilitating and life changing event.

Doctors often tell their patients, “Once you have a stroke, chances are your life will never be the same again.” That can be devastating news for the patient and their family. Rehabilitation after a significant injury to the brain, like that caused from a stroke, is extremely important. Many therapies  leave patients with only minimal recovery and they’re left on their own to deal with their daily tasks. But now there’s something that can be done! With brain-based therapy,  many people have an opportunity to experience a dramatic recovery!

What can we do after a stroke?

As a chiropractic neurologist, I am trained in functional neurology.  Functional neurology allows us to pinpoint specific areas of your brain at or near areas of damaged tissue in your brain, to stimulate via our unique methods of treatment. By stimulating these adjacent areas and areas “downstream” from the damaged or destroyed tissue, we are many times able to help people recover in amazing fashion.

There are two types of strokes, hemorrhagic and ischemic. Regardless of the type, the damage is similar. brain tissue is destroyed or severely impaired and functions must be taken over by adjacent areas of the brain, if the patient expects to regain lost function. Through a process called neuroplasticity it has been found, by way of neuroscience research, that brain cells can recover following injury. Often this can happen to a full extent, as in learning a task for the first time. The key to recover, is knowing exactly what tissue is damaged and more importantly what specific treatments and therapies would be most effective in treating that specific area of the brain. An in-depth neurological examination is necessary to ascertain the exact location with pinpoint precision accuracy and then focus our therapies like a laser on the exact area of the brain that needs to be rehabbed. This is imperative, in order to bring about functional results for the patient.

Click here to read an inspiring story about a chiropractic neurologist who used this same approach to his own stroke rehabilitation.

Our stroke rehabilitation designed to maximize function.

Treatments include unique methods called brain-based therapy, created by chiropractic neurologists, to restore lost function and regain mobility, gate, reestablish normal walking normal movement of limbs, increase mental function and improve bowel and bladder irregularities. Also, exercise to stimulate specific nerve receptors that control swallowing, speech and hearing can be rehabilitated, if the nervous tissue is still viable and shows responsiveness. Only through proper neurological exams in these areas can the nervous system be tested to see if they are still functional and capable of recovering. In addition to all the above we will evaluate your metabolic system for energy problems, nutrient loss and other processes to insure a maximal recovery.

While the diversity in strokes is vast, the priciples are the same regardless of the type of stroke. Dr Sullivan has created a seminar specific to this type of treatment. Check out our upcoming seminar listings to see when this session will presented next. You can also read about some of the specific therapies that we use in stroke rehabilitation by clicking here.

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