Recovery from daily headaches and migraines for 5 years: Abigail’s story.

Migraine headaches were ruining her life…

For about 5 years, Abigail had been suffering with daily headaches. That’s right, a headache every single day and approximately 10-15 migraines each month. Through those years, she tried everything to get relief – neurologists, massage, medications, even counseling (as if it was psychosomatic). But the pain was real, and it was taking over her life.

Abby’s story of migraine recovery:

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We have been honored to care for Abby and assist her through the process of eliminating her migraine headaches. We have watched her transition from a subdued young lady in constant pain into a vibrant, enthusiastic and passionate woman who has reclaimed her life and has ended her pain.

Solutions to end the migraine pain.

If you know what Abby has gone through, then you know how bad it can be. If you or a loved one continue to suffer with chronic migraine headaches, then our office is the place for you.

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  1. Abby is an amazing young woman, and has an incredible story. It is the type of story we hear frequently at the Headache Freedom Center of Harrisburg, PA. As Chief of Staff, I get to witness stories like these every week. I feel strongly that people can overcome migraines and chronic headaches if given the right approach. Our non-invasive neuromodulation therapy has shown to be extremely effective, efficient, and cost-effective. As a migraine specialist, my patients and I couldn’t be happier with the results we are currently getting.

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