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Gina went through a terrible episode of dizziness, headaches and brain fog. She was evaluated at a local hospital and told that she was probably having a stroke. Ultimately, it was not a stroke but her symptoms kept her in a downward spiral of declining health. She eventually resigned herself to being disabled and not caring about her life anymore.

When she sought help at Keystone Chiropractic Neurology, she was ready to call it quits but she had one last hope for change. A few short months later, she has made a complete turn around and is now living better than she ever has. She is dizzy-free, headache-free and finding fulfillment and joy in life.

If chronic dizziness, headaches or some other mystery illnesses have put you on the sidelines of life, there is hope. the pain can be stopped, dizziness can subside and the suffering can cease.

Check out what Gina has to say about Dr. Sullivan’s treatment as a Harrisburg Pennsylvania dizziness and headache specialist.

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We have been honored to care for Gina, as well as all of our other wonderful patients too. At Keystone Chiropractic Neurology, there is nothing we love more than seeing our patients completely overcome their pain and suffering. If you continue to suffer with headaches or dizziness, we hope that you will join our team, and start realizing what vibrant health and pain-free living can be like.

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