Migraine Treatment Success and Recovery from Depression and Fatigue

Migraine headaches every week, and depression that wasn’t getting better.

When Ms. L came to see us initially, she was in an awful state. She had extreme fatigue and was basically confined to her couch or bed. There was depression, deep depression that wiped out any interest or desire in life’s activities. And there were migraines too, lots of them.

In the beginning, she didn’t even care about getting better. Her family took the initiative and nearly forced her to get the care that she needed. But as the fog lifted and the pain started to subside, Ms. L started to ‘wake back up’. As she started feeling like herself again, she started fighting tooth and nail to squeeze every drop of improvement that she could from our office. It was amazing to see how, week by week, she would have more energy, less pain, and the depression started loosing it’s grip on her, until one day she realized that it was all gone.

Migraine recovery is possible: Ms. L’s story:

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It was a happy ending that we couldn’t have imagined ourselves. The headaches are gone, the energy is back, she’s back to work and feeling good about her life, not to mention how much better her family became as she was freed from her burden. We have been honored to care for Ms. L and are so happy to see her in her new pain-free life.

Solutions to end the migraine pain.

If this story sounds familiar, then you know how bad it can be. If you or a loved one continue to suffer with chronic migraine headaches, then our office is the place for you.

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