Keystone Chiropractic Neurology to announce new migraine study.

Clinical research aimed at the treatment of migraine headaches.

As part of the ongoing mission of Keystone Chiropractic Neurology, Dr. David Sullivan will soon be announcing the start of a new clinical trial which will investigate a new ty

pe of therapy for migraine headaches. This new study, when approved, will be recruiting volunteers who suffer with recurrent migraine headaches, in order to test the effectiveness of this new and exciting approach.

The therapy under investigation is completely drug- and surgery-free and totally non-invasive. It is based upon stimulation of the vestibular apparatus in the ear, and preliminary results show that it has a profound and immediate effect on the symptoms associated with migraine headaches and more.

Migraine headache study to be announced soon

Dr. Sullivan plans to recruit up to 12 participants for the initial study. Each participant will be asked to complete a brief intake document regarding their current and past history of migraine headaches. Previous diagnostic imaging may be obtained for each participant, in order to fully understand the effects of, and response to the new therapy.

Investigating new treatments for migraine

The clinical trial will consist of a one hour long visit to Keystone Chiropractic Neurology, when a participant is having an acute migraine headache. The research staff will be administering the therapies and evaluating their effectiveness on reducing pain levels. This non-invasive approach has never been studied in this way before, and offers an exciting prospect in the development of new treatments and remedies for the pain of migraine headaches.

Dr. Sullivan had this to say about the study:

The human brain is a remarkable and amazing system, but despite all of it’s vast potential, it remains somewhat frail and vulnerable to chronic dysfunction. Our task is to continue to develop new methods and knowledge in order to halt or reverse chronic neurological dysfunction. Because the vestibular system has been shown to be a useful ‘entry point’ to stimulating the brain, I am thrilled at the prospect of developing new ways to stimulate those pathways and help people live with less pain.

Please watch for more information in the coming days, about who might be eligible to participate and how to register.

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