Chronic pain in children: An amazing story of recovery.

Chronic pain in children can be debilitating, significantly reducing their quality of life.

Children who experience chronic pain are more susceptible to becoming less independent as adults. For that reason alone, it is absolutely essenti

al to break the cycle of chronic pain in children. See how Ms. Smith overcame her chronic, debilitating leg pain and is now enjoying a happy, fulfilling and active life.

Chronic pain in children can have long term consequences if not eliminated.

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We are delighted to see how far Ms. Smith has come. Her vibrant personality, sharp intelligence

and outstanding athletic abilities are now able to shine freely, without the burden of chronic pain.

Children with chronic pain deserve a best care possible.

If you, or a child you love, continue to suffer with some form of chronic pain, we can help. Even if you have not experienced relief with other forms of therapy, out approach could mean the difference between pain-full or pain-free. Call 717-697-0589 today to request your new patient paperwork. Your pain free life could be one phone call away.

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