About Dr. Sullivan

Dr. Sullivan’s goal is to provide the highest quality care.

What Makes Dr. Sullivan Different?

If you are visiting this site we can just about guarantee one thing…you or someone you care about is frustrated with their health, and Dr. Sullivan might be able to help.

The very first thing you should know is—we do things differently. We don’t do things the same way as other doctors and other healthcare practitioners, even ones that you’ve seen.

You must be qualified for a consultation with Dr. Sullivan. Click HERE to determine if you are a candidate or not. 

The biggest difference is in Dr. Sullivan’s philosophy:

Treat the person, not their diagnosis.

Why would I say that?

Well, a diagnosis is just a label.  It’s just a word.  It doesn’t tell you what to do about it.  For example, people are misdiagnosed everyday with everything from strep throat to cancer.  If you came to me and said “I have insomnia”, or “my child has scoliosis”…that would be a place to start.  But it doesn’t tell me what to do about it because there are literally hundreds of different possible causes.

What we do is ask…

What is the mechanism?

Why is this happening?

To answer these questions we use:

  • Chiropractic Neurology
  • Functional Brain-Based Therapy
  • Functional Nutritional Analysis

These cutting-edge sciences examine your body systems from a completely different perspective.  The problem is that traditional medicine is looking for DISEASE.  It is not looking at what happens right before you get the “disease” label.

Dr. Sullivan’s goal is to restore function.

We want to find the mechanism behind your problem.  To do that we have to look at EVERYTHING ALL AT ONCE.

We look at brain function with a non-invasive Brain Function Assessment.  This examines how well different areas of the brain are functioning.  We look at your chemistry (hormones, blood sugar, immune system, gastrointestinal system) with specialized questionnaires.  We ask the right questions and piece together the puzzle for you.  We do all this to make sure we’re getting the best and most complete picture of you.

Most of our patients have already been to 5, 6—even 7 doctors.  With little or no long-lasting results.  Most of the “specialists” look at you through a microscope, a set of blinders.  But this approach is too narrow.  It misses the big picture.

You have to take a step back and get a BIG PICTURE OF THE WHOLE PERSON.

To get great results, we have to be really good detectives.  That means doing the right tests whether any out-of-touch insurance company thinks they’re “medically necessary” or not.

Are you suffering from a chronic condition?  Have you tried various medications, therapies (chiropractic, physical therapy, acupuncture), seen numerous doctors, had injections or even surgery without any real lasting results?

You are not alone.

Thousands of people just like you have suffered and felt hopeless.  And many have found their answer in Brain-Based Therapy.

So ask yourself the following questions. Now is the time to be very honest with yourself.  Consider writing down your answers.  You could be charting a course to a wonderful, fulfilling, healthy, painfree new life…

  • How much has this condition affected your job, relationships, finances, family and other activities?
  • What has it cost you in time, money, happiness and freedom?
  • Where do you picture yourself in 1-3 years if this problem isn’t taken care of?
  • What is your health worth to you?

Take time to digest your responses before you read on.  You’ve probably wondered or even been told that you are going to have to learn to…“live with it”.  We just want you to know that Brain-Based Therapy may be the answer to your chronic condition.  Even if you believe that you couldn’t recover or you have a permanent condition, what if it were 30%, 50%, 80% better?  Would that be worth it?  But, what if you could get to 100%?

Brained-Based Therapy and Functional Treatments get to the core issues, root out the problem and restore health.

We specialize in helping frustrated people that have chronic conditions.  There is hope. Now don’t get us wrong, we can’t help everyone, which is why we thoroughly evaluate every patient that comes to our office.  We have to determine whether you are a candidate for this special care, or not.

Your first visit is a consultation and exam with Dr. Sullivan. He will ask you all the right questions and give you the chance to ask your questions.  You can contact Dr. Sullivan’s office at (717) 697-0589.

We don’t want to waste your time or money.  The last thing you need is another doctor promising you the moon and delivering very little.  You need to know up front if Brain-Based Therapy is right for you.

So take your time and please feel free to explore this site. And when you are ready pick up the phone and call our office  (717) 697-0589.  Ask our staff to reserve your consultation.

Get Better Faster, Stay Well Longer!

Dr. Sullivan has completed hundreds of hours of post-doctoral education in neurology through the Carrick Institute. As of January 2011, those topics include:

  • Neurological Diagnosis
  • Sensory Systems
  • Pain
  • Head and Face Pain
  • Motor Systems
  • Peripheral Nerve Disorders and Neurophysiologic Testing
  • Clinical Applications 1
  • Clinical Applications 2
  • Clinical Applications 3
  • Clinical Applications 4
  • Clinical Applications 5
  • Clinical Applications 6
  • Neuron theory and Receptor Activation
  • Neurology of Eye Movements
  • Neuromuscular Applications
  • Peripheral Nervous System
  • Physical Exam for the Newborn and Infant
  • ADHD 1
  • ADHD 2
  • Dyslexia and Learning Disabilities
  • Autism
  • Nutrition for Children (Nutritional, Dietary, Immune and Endocrine Considerations in Neurobehavioral Disorders of Childhood)

Dr. Sullivan is a graduate of Logan Chiropractic College. In addition to the four year program at Chiropractic College,  Dr. Sullivan has also completed hundreds of hours in post-doctoral education in chiropractic neurology through the Carrick Institute. This is a post doctorate program where Dr. Sullivan learned the intricate relationships between the brain and body, pain, learning disabilities and balance disorders. Many doctors locally have referred difficult patients for his evaluation and treatment with exceptional results. Dr. Sullivan is known to be successful with people who have tried everything and are still suffering. His ongoing work in the field of Chiropractic Neurology coupled with years of experience in neuromuscular therapy enable him to restore function on multiple levels.

He is trained in the latest, cutting-edge diagnostics and treatments utilizing non-drug, non-surgical brain-based therapeutics. The procedures of chiropractic neurology are largely based on the intimate connection between the central nervous system and the musculoskeletal system.

He has successfully helped many neurologic conditions including Fibromyalgia, Multiple Sclerosis, post-stroke rehabilitation, ADHD, Asperger’s, radiculopathy, herniated/bulging disc, and back pain. Dr. Sullivan has dedicated his life to healing without using drugs or surgery. He believes that brain based treatment is the most sensible and effective way to treat many chronic health problems. He also believes in the preventative power of chiropractic care. In his spare time, Dr. Sullivan enjoys hiking, camping and travel.  He also reads a great deal of scientific, neurological and health related literature.

He and his wife Meredith live in Mechanicsburg with their daughter Aurora.

This high impact field of chiropractic neurology was the subject on a PBS special series AMAZING HEALERS called Waking UpThe Brain. The CD is available through PBS or through our office.

Click here to see some of our amazing patients and their stories.

If you would like more information, or to set up a consultation and see how it can help you (or someone you know), give us a call at 717-697-0589 to schedule an appointment to see if Dr. Sullivan could help.