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The Fibromyalgia problem:

Let's cut to the chase, Fibromyalgia is a NEUROLOGICAL problem and yet is still primarily assessed and addressed by rheumatologists. Over the last decade, study after study have repeatedly shown that it is the brain itself which is the primary culprit in fibromyalgia, not the skin, muscles or nerves. So why is mainstream medicine  still treating fibromyalgia as if the brain is fine, but the muscles are bad? It baffles me…

If you are being treated for fibromyalgia 'muscle pain', or 'fascia pain' and the chronic fatigue which accompanies it, and you are still suffering, you are missing out on a pain-free life. I'll put that another way, if your doctor(s) have not addressed your brain function, they have missed almost the entire reason for your pain.

Let's take a walk through the scientific literature and see how the current medical treatment models for fibromyalgia are completely off base.

The Real Science Behind Fibromyalgia:

First, let's just set the record straight on what the medical journals are saying about fibromyalgia:

The American Academy of Neurology's 'Neurology Now' states in 2009:

A growing body of information suggests fibromyalgia is a true neurologic disorder.

A subsidiary of the British Medical Journal, the Annals of Rheumatic Diseases states in 2012:

muscle fatigue may be of central origin and supports the notion of central nervous dysfunction as basic pathological changes in fibromyalgia.

Even the Journal of Pain states in 2009:

more recent study has identified neurobiological underpinnings supporting many of the symptoms associated with this condition (fibromyalgia).

Expert Opinion on Emerging Drugs states in 2010:

effective treatment of the pain of FMS must be directed at the function of the Central Nervous System…

Current Pain and Headache Reports in 2012 states:

Fibromyalgia is a primary brain disorder…

Even further, the journal Pain Research and Treatment states in 2012:

FMS is now recognized to be grounded in the neurological domain with evidence of dysregulation of pain processing.

My conclusion is that if you are being treated for a muscle/joint/tissue problem, you are being severely mis-trested. The BRAIN is the culprit in fibromyalgia, so why is it not taking center stage in your treatment?

At Keystone Chiropractic Neurology, our main focus in fibromyalgia is treating the brain, and that's why we get such great results. But more on that later…

Fibromyalgia and Brain Therapies.

What does mainstream medicine say about brain treatments for fibromyalgia?

Best Practice & Research Clinical Rheumatology states in 2011:

successful treatment (of Fibromyalgia) was associated with increased brain activity

Current Opinion in Supportive & Palliative Care states in 2011:

several studies now illustrate that the brain is capable of tremendous plasticity both in function and structure due to repeated and ongoing pain. However, emerging data suggest that this plasticity can be reversible after successful pain treatment.

The Journal of Neuroscience states in 2011:

functional and structural brain abnormalities—specifically in the left DLPFC—are reversible, suggesting that treating chronic pain can restore normal brain function in humans.

And what is the state of drug therapy for fibromyalgia?

Clinical Pharmacology states in 1987:

Analgesics, anti-inflammatory drugs, phenothiazines, tricyclic antidepressants, and the tricyclic muscle relaxant cyclobenzaprine have been used; low doses ofamitriptyline or cyclobenzaprine…

The point is, if this is YOUR fibromyalgia therapy, it hasn't been revised much in 25 years, and that's why you are still in pain.

Getting over fibromyalgia:

Ask yourself these important questions:

Isn't it time that your fibromyalgia therapy reflects the most current understanding of what is really causing your pain? 

How many years have been robbed from your life by chasing ineffective therapies targeting the wrong issue?

How many more years do you want to suffer needlessly?

Do you want to live a pain free life?

If living pain free is what you want, we have the tools to help you get there. Our fibromyalgia therapy is designed to fix the root of the cause, not just drug you into a zombie-like state.

When you're ready to live the life you deserve, call 717 697-0589 and ask to receive your new patient paperwork. Don't suffer another year with fibromyalgia.